Auto insurance is more or less an unavoidable expense which must be paid following the first policy drafted in 1897. As it turns out, not all cars have the same insurance bill; some are significantly more expensive to insure compared to others. has done the hard part of getting the numbers for over 1,500 car models in all the U.S 50 states from six of the major insurance companies available. All that’s left is to sift through and see what cars would burn a hole through your wallet.

Consumer analyst Penny Gusner of notes that insurance rates are always about claims, the usual ‘how big and how many’ adding that the cheapest cars to insure are those who have fewer claims or are easy to repair or both.

Here’s a breakdown of how ranked these cars;

The average is based on full coverage of a working 40-year-old male who drives around 12 miles each day to work. The policy limits are $US100, 000 for injury liability for one person, $US300, 000 in case of multiple party injuries and $US50, 000 for damages to property during an accident (100/300/50) respectively inclusive of a $US500 deductible on collision and comprehensive coverage. This supposed driver has a good credit and a clean record. The stated rate is inclusive of uninsured motorist coverage.

Insurance prices are also affected by location. For instance, suggests that a 190 mph Nissan GT-R owner could pay just $US2, 012 per year in Hawaii but would be expected to pay more than X3 of this – or about $US6, 630 in Montana. With an average annual premium of $US1, 134 the Jeep Wrangler Sports 4WD is cheapest to insure, but a Nissan GT owner won’t be so happy with his insurance bill.

Here are the ten cars you don’t want to pay insurance for;