“Shelby AC 427 Cobra vl blue” by Stahlkocher. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 by Wikimedia Commons.

1. AC Cobra – United States/United Kingdom 1965 to 1967

Sold as Ford or Shelby AC Cobra in the U.S., the AC Cobra is a highly sought-after collectors car which has resulted in lots of replicas and one iconic racing car. This sports car with American engine entered production in the year 1965. It came about when Carroll Shelby an America automobile designer discussed with AC on combining to build a car that works with a V8 engine. After AC had agreed to the deal, Shelby went to Chevrolet to discuss the possibility of making available the engine to be used on the car, but Chevrolet declined to avoid enabling competition against their Corvette. Ford stepped in and provided the 260in3 engine which was used for the Cobra; the engine was their new V8 engine. The AC Cobra is a sleek looking, aesthetically pleasing sports car which is available in street and racing models. It’s a finalist for the “Car of the Century.”