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Exactly who invented the first automobile is a difficult questions to answer and comes down to a matter of opinion.  The most popular answer to this is Karl Benz from Germany in 1885/1886. If only he could see how far technology has advanced since then and to think how it will change in the coming years when the Government alongside the car industry are planning to invest millions towards areas such as driverless cars.  How exciting I hear you say……..well maybe?! True driving enthusiasts may beg to differ and the reality of what a driverless car can and can’t give you may just burst your bubble! I’m not sure some of the current designs will float anyones boat in desirability and certainly need inspiration……..especially if they look like this!

Some may believe that this technology is not so much a necessity, but the need to prove that the industry simply can produce a highly desirable form of transport that takes the joy……errmmm……..monotomy out of driving.

Driverless cars are a very real thing so let’s take a look at the top ten things they just won’t give you.

1. The steering wheel

Just what do we do with our hands? Well of course there are many answers to that question but none of them quite give you that feeling of being in charge of a powerful machine.  Will it still feel the same? I’m not sure and just how much control will be taken off your hands anyway?

2. The adrenaline rush of nearly rear-ending someone

Gone! Good I hear you say……but so will that feeling of your reflexes being tested and sense of achievement when you narrowly avoided a bump only due to your driving capability.  Just how much do we trust that automated machine anyway?

3. Spontaneously deciding to make an exit at the last minute

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Well….what if you suddenly feel hungry and want to stop at the next available drive-through or you change your mind and want to stop off at your friends house for a quick cuppa?  We are always changing our minds at the last minute and if we’re not in control it could make it far more complicated than needs be with a computer in control!

4. Getting one over on those traffic lights

You know that driverless car is going to stick to all the rules, not that your breaking them, you’re just using your savvy and joining the best lane that prevents any unnecessary waiting times which in turn then allows you to slip nicely through the green light the first time rather than having to wait for all the cars turning left before you can even think about shifting into second gear. Without your knowledge of the upcoming line of traffic lights and relying on that driverless car you know you’re going to be waiting behind the ten cars that are going left or the bus that needs to make a scheduled stop before you can continue through that green light.

5. No eye contact a thing of the past

Mature Couple Driving Along Country Road In Open Top Car

We’ve all been there! That awkward conversation or one that you just don’t really want to be part of happens when you’ve got nowhere to go.  You’re stuck behind the wheel and you’ve got to face that person………or do you? You can’t take your eyes of the road as that would just be irresponsible so you have every excuse to look straight ahead, no eye contact and keep a poke face! No excuse if that machine is in control!!

6. Gear control

Lever of manual transmission in auto, vehicle.

It’s one part of driving that points to whether you are close to how the pro’s drive! Upshifting and downshifting along with knowing your vehicles clutch to the micrometer sets you apart from the regular drivers and this would most definitely be lost with that driverless car.

7. Sexy parallel parking

Parking ticket machine

No more looking super cool maneuvering your two tonne powerhouse into that awkward spot with one hand on the wheel and the other casually placed on the back of your seat. Nope……..not going to happen with a computer in charge in fact it most likely won’t bother with that space you’re eyeing up, it’ll decide to continue down the round and park a few streets away, you need to walk!!!

8. Burning rubber

Not recommended at all, but some people do like the sound and smell of burning rubber. Never going to happen if your not in control!

9. Passing like a boss

Cars on the road

As long as done safely there is a sense of fulfilment to over taking someone slower than you.  You are in control and you rule your world! Not if the driverless car has anything to do with it!

10. Own that racing line

There’s definitely something to be said for owning that racing line, no matter what car you drive! Enjoy it whilst it lasts!