A man in Budapest definitely wasn’t having a fun day after smashing his new bought ‘brand new’ $1.9 million Ferrari minutes after he left his dealership. The car is known to be one of the most expensive cars on sale in the world.

To make matters worse for the Budapest man, the entire footage was captured on video.

According to witnesses, the driver seemed to have been too excited about the acceleration prowess of his new Ferrari which can reach a speed of 62 mph in less than three seconds.

The captured footage shows the driver swerve across the road and crashing into some parked cars after losing control of the powerful 950 horsepower whip.

The good news is no one was hurt in the crash. The bad news, our driver’s bank account would probably be feeling pains.
LaFerrari, the car our driver crashed is one of the most exclusive models of luxury car manufacturer Ferrari and have a total of 499 produced.