Save money by filling your car tank in the morning

The obsession with saving money on gas is an American thing, and this results in us believing anything we hear to try to save some bucks from our fill-ups. One of the most common myths we have heard is “pump gas in the morning when fuel is cooler.”

But this isn’t true. Gas like other liquids expands when heated. Therefore according to the beliefs, fuel which has been kept under the sun all day in service stations would not fill up your car because some of it would have been lost to the sun. While this sounds plausible, it’s wrong. Gas stations don’t store fuel on the surface but underground in huge tanks where their temperature is almost certainly constant all through the day. If however, the temperature does change, it would still not be enough to cause a decline in volume (at least 15 degrees more temperature is required to cause a slight 1% change of volume, and this doesn’t exactly cost a fortune, probably one or two pennies).