Acura Integra

American pickup trucks and Japanese sedans are favorite automobiles that thieves love to steal. Here is a compiled list of top ten most stolen vehicles in the United States of America prepared by Michigan State Police. In this article, you will find the figures and pictures of the top cars that were stolen in 2017 as well as simple guidelines on preventing the activities of these burglars.


In 2017, about 6,586 cases of stolen Nissan Maximas were recorded. The National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Michigan Automobile Theft Prevention Authority have considered four levels of protection as strategies for automobile owners to avoid being a casualty of auto robbery.
1. Common Sense: Ensure your car is locked and the keys are in your possession. Most of the theft cases happen because car owners leave their automobiles unlocked and unsecured and this makes it easier for hoodlums to steal their vehicles.
2. Warning Device: Make use of a loud and visible warning device on your vehicle to make sure your care stay in the same spot it is parked.
3. Immobilizing Device: For instance, smart keys, fuel cut-offs, kill switches are valuable theft prevention measures.
4. Tracking Device: When a tracking device is installed on your car, it provides a signal to the police authorities or the licensed organization that will communicate with the police to ensure the recovery of your automobile in case it is burgled.


Acura Integra
The Acura brand has stopped the production of the Integra series over ten years ago and substituted it with the RSX series. It is surprising that Integra is among the vehicles that are stolen by these thieves and the menace has been going on for a long time. According to the car specialists, most of these burglars prefer stealing Integra vehicles as they have robust engines that can also be used in Honda vehicles. About 6,902 cases of stolen Acura Integra were registered in 2017.


There was a report of theft of Nissan Altima vehicles in 2017, and the figure was put around 9,109 cars. As a means of protecting the cars, the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Michigan Automobile Theft Prevention Authority suggested four methods of protection to ensure car owners do not fall victim of the nefarious act and these include:
1. Common sense: Car keys should be taken with you after locking your vehicle. It has been observed that most victims do not lock their cars thereby making it easier for car burglars to gain access to their vehicles.
2. Warning Device – Application of a loud warning device will ensure the car is positioned at the spot it is parked.
3. Immobilizing Device – Smart keys, kill switches, and fuel cut-offs are also excellent tools that can prevent car theft.
4. Tracking Device – It is essential to use a tracker that will send signals to the police which will make the process of recovering the vehicle easier than imagined.


About 10,483 vehicles of the Dodge Caravan series were reportedly stolen in 2017. The Michigan Automobile Theft Prevention Authority and the National Insurance Crime Bureau have also offered advice on how to stay safe and keep your vehicle free from burglary.
1. Common sense: Make sure you lock the doors of your car and keep the keys with you. Most of the burglars gained entry into unlocked vehicles as the owners failed to close them.
2. Warning Apparatus – Use of an audible warning apparatus will make sure your car is placed at the exact spot you parked it.
3. “Immobilizing Device – It is an excellent idea to make use of proven theft measures such as fuel cut-offs, kill switches, and smart keys.
4. Tracking Device – Your car should have a tracking device that transmits a signal to the police, and this will enable you to get your car back in the case of a theft.


Cases of 11,705 stolen, standard Dodge Pickup trucks were reported in 2017.


In 2017, more than 14,605 cases of theft of Toyota Camry vehicles were registered.
As usual, these two regulatory bodies namely: The Michigan Automobile Theft Prevention Authority and the National Insurance Crime Bureau have suggested four guidelines to follow to avoid being caught in the web of automobile theft.
1. “Common sense – Ensure you keep the windows and doors of your vehicle locked and make sure the keys are kept in a safe place. Failure to do this will make it easy for car burglars to gain access to your vehicle as most cases happened because the car owners were careless.
2. “Warning Device – Your car will remain in the same spot where it was parked if you make use of an audible or clear warning device.
3. “Immobilizing Device – You can also utilize smart keys, kill switches, and fuel cut-offs as they are effective in preventing car theft.
4. “Tracking Device – Installing a tracking device on your vehicle will help you transmit a signal to the police which will give them the opportunity to track the location of your car and make sure it is recovered when it is burgled.


About 23,196 Chevrolet full-size pickup trucks were stolen in 2017 according to the survey.
The following tips have been offered by the Michigan Automobile Theft Prevention Authority and the National Insurance Crime Bureau to help car owners stay safe, and they are:
1. Common sense: Most of the reported cases have shown that car owners are careless with their keys as they fail to secure their vehicle. Make sure you keep your keys safe and lock your car as this will make it hard for thieves to steal your automobile.
2. “Warning Device: Make sure your vehicle has a clear and noticeable warning device. It will help you ensure the security of your vehicle.
3. “Immobilizing Device – Fuel cut-offs, kill switches, and smart keys are efficient devices that can prevent car stealing.
4. “Tracking Device – Use of a tracking device can transmit signals to the relevant law enforcement agencies and will ensure fast recovery of your car when stolen.


In 2017, about 28,680 cases of stolen Ford full-size pickup trucks were reported as stolen.
These are the four vital safety tips offered by the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Michigan Automobile Theft Prevention Authority:
1. Common sense – Keep the doors and windows of your car locked and keep the keys in a safe place. Most theft cases happened as a result of the negligence of the car owners in the handling of their car keys.
2. Warning Device – Use of a clear and audible warning tool is advisable to secure the safety of your vehicle.
3. Halting Devices such as fuel cut-offs, smart keys, and kill switches should be applied to your car to prevent theft.
4. Tracking Device – Trackers should be mounted in your vehicles to send a signal to the police as this will assist them to recover your vehicle without any hassles.


43,936 Honda Civic cars were registered as stolen in 2017. The Michigan Automobile Theft Prevention Authority and the National Insurance Crime Bureau has proffered four basic protection guidelines to stay safe from automobile theft, and they are:
1. Common sense – It is a common occurrence among most car owners to ignore the locking of their vehicles with their keys. Most theft cases have been as a result of the slackness of the car owners as they leave their cars unsecured.
2. Warning Device – Buy and install a full warning appliance that will help your vehicle stay safe.
3. “Make use of stopping devices like kill switches, fuel cut-offs, and smart keys. These apparatuses have proved to be reliable over the years as theft-preventing devices.
4. “Tracking Device – Tracker is an essential tool that helps you recover your car quickly as it sends signals to the police when your vehicle is taken without your consent.


On the list of the stolen cars, the Honda Accord has the highest figure as 51,290 vehicles were reported stolen in 2017.